Are Etisalat Data Bundles Worth It?

Etisalat’s never-ending efficiency

Etisalat, being as efficient as ever, identifies all its consumers’ needs in the best way possible. I have used a lot of mobile networks, even the most reputable ones all over the world, yet nothing beats Etisalat’s efficiency. It knows what you need, when you need it, and how you want it to reach you.

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Data bundles

It comes up with literally the best data bundles for all ages. You can manage to find one for your respected cell phone too. My personal favorites so far are:

  • Monthly bundle: You get 50 flexible minutes along with 100 MB data usage for just AED 50/month. This is the best for your 10-year-old kid who doesn’t need a lot of data.
  • Contract bundles: There are a lot of contract bundles, but the best one comes with 100 GB + 2000 local minutes or 1000 flexible minutes. That is totally up to you.
  • Emirati bundle: It comes with a 12-month subscription and you even get 10 GB of free data if you start with Emirati 300. It’s a great deal that UAE citizens can enjoy all year at affordable prices.

International calling preferences

Moreover, as if knowing how UAE is home to so many Egyptians and people from the subcontinent, Etisalat managed to set its international call rates accordingly. It offers the lowest call rates to Egypt, Pakistan, India and other such countries at just 1 fil per second. This way the users can remain in contact with their loved ones even if they are far away. A child recently immigrated to UAE from Pakistan can no more have issues talking to their mother while cooking and asking her new recipes, and neither can an Egyptian recently settled in the UAE miss out hearing their favorite call to play from the mosque nearby his previous home.

You see, of all the mobile networks out there, Etisalat understands the importance of friends and family. It also understands the great role played by communication when there are distances between loved ones. This entire idea is evident by its highly facilitating and convenient data bundles. Subscription to Etisalat data bundles is one thing I can guarantee you will never regret.

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What is a treadmill desk?

Office works require sitting for nearly the whole day. In fact, most people sit and work in the office for eight to nine hours continuously. However, all this sitting is not good for the health. Sitting for a long time forms a sedentary behavior, which means that a person lies or sits too much without using or expending enough energy. When you don’t use up your energy through walking, exercising, or doing other physical work, you are at a risk of becoming obese. No matter how strict your diet plan is or how cautious you are when you eat food, without exercise, you can’t stay fit.

treadmill desk

To fight this sedentary behavior, many companies have started permitting their employees to use standing desks in the office. However, just standing is not as effective as keep moving during the office hours. I know that walking in the office and working at the same time sound absurd and unreal. However, recent development in technology has made it possible through a treadmill desk.

If you are wondering what exactly a treadmill desk is and what it looks like, this general treadmill desk review is specially written for you. A treadmill desk is simply a treadmill attached to a tall desk in front of it. The desk is wide enough to carry all your essential office equipment such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, laptop, water bottle, office stationery, files, and other random objects that somehow make their way onto your desk.

The treadmill looks like any other regular treadmill, excluding the desk. Its speed varies, depending on how slow or fast you want to walk while doing your work. It ranges from a very slow 0.4 miles per hour to a relatively fast 2 miles per hour. It has a diversity of features too such as it tracks the steps taken, distance traveled, time spent while walking, and calories burned. Not just that, some treadmill desk manufacturers even allow you to upload all of the information regarding your workout directly to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

Working on a treadmill instead of working while sitting saves you from a lot of health risks. When you spend a significant amount of time sitting, you are likely to become obese and have more chances of getting a broad range of dangerous diseases including heart and kidney diseases, cancer, diabetes, and more. Hence, it is better to get on a treadmill desk rather than sitting on your traditional work seat and becoming the victim of deadly diseases.

Walkie talkie – A gadget for short and medium-distance communication

Walkie talkie is a handheld, wireless, portable communication device. It works with the help of radio waves on a single frequency band. Each walkie talkie contains a receiver, transmitter, a PTT (push-to-talk) button, an antenna for sending radio frequencies, and a loudspeaker that also works as a microphone. Some modern walkie talkies have separate places for microphones and loudspeakers.

walkie talkie

While communicating with a walkie talkie, it is necessary for a group of people to tune into a similar frequency band, also known as a channel, if they want to talk to one another. The range of the distance, however, depends on the walkie talkie. All walkie talkies don’t provide the same features and the same range. Only the best walkie talkie can offer all the great features which users need. No matter how diverse the attributes are, all walkie talkies have one feature in common i.e. transferring message from one place to another.

Walkie talkies are a simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-handle, and robust gadget. They are perfect for outdoor activities with a short and medium range. Moreover, they are brilliant for children because this device allows them to play outdoor games or even indoor games but with a lot of movement and have a lot of fun. Apart from this, it can also come handy in many circumstances such as during construction work, where workers can get instructions or ask questions regarding work on the field site.

Also, they are easy to carry. The weight of a regular walkie talkie ranges from 100 grams to 200 grams and it can work over a considerable distance from five to ten square kilometers and has a long battery life. Moreover, it has multiple channels ranging from ten to twenty-five, which permits you to switch to a different frequency if other people are also using a walkie talkie near you.